Improve Outdoor Space with Fresh Lighting

outdoor lightingSummertime is right around the corner, and that usually means spending more time outdoors. The nights get longer in the summer also, so having the proper lighting outside can make a big difference. Whether you want a lot of lights, just one or two, ones you plug in, or ones that charge in the sun - we can help you choose the right lighting to improve your outdoor space!

One of the more popular and modern options for outdoor lighting are string lights. Outdoor string lights create a picturesque setting and add a soft glow to your patio (or other outdoor setups). The amount of light these give off isn't extreme but sets more of a mood. They shine in the darkness but not projecting too much light out from where they're set up. This is also a widely popular choice for outdoor wedding/party settings. They do make only string lights that run off solar power as well as ones you plug into an outlet. 

Another popular option is a tried and true classic, a lantern! Lanterns come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, ranging from simple, sleek designs to ornate and exquisite detail work. The best part of these lanterns is that they're mobile! You can move them from the surface to surface, walking from one side of your yard to the other and have a well-lit path. Of course, there are more decorative lanterns that are large and heavy and meant to stay in place once set up, but the more traditional lamps are very versatile in where they can go. You can fill the lantern with stones, shells, other items that add to the look of your outdoor theme. Same for the candles inside, they can be real candles, but it's a safer and better option to get LED candles.

Light your path with solar stake lights! These come in all different designs and styles. You can go modern and get a sleek, simple stake light, or go for more flair with colorful glass and wire design stake lights. These lights charge in the sun and light up your entire walkway/driveway as soon as the sun goes down! The amount of light these can put off is no joke either; you'll know where every sidewalk crack is when walking to and from your front door in the dark. 

When figuring out the best lighting for your outdoor space, it's best to go for what works best for your home and personality. As well as paying attention to how much light you desire from your outdoor lights. Improve your space with just a simple twist of a light bulb and redo your outdoor lighting today!


Tesla Home Battery - The Powerwall

tesla powerwallLately, when there's the talk of advancements in everyday comfort technology, Tesla has become a household name. While being known mostly for its version of smart cars for the future, the company is expanding to various outlets to make every day living even more straightforward. The source of power for a lot of household things comes from a collection of batteries and Tesla's advancements didn't skip this chance to excel. 

Tesla's home battery named the Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable on solar energy and is the only battery that stores that solar power for use at in the evenings where there is no power source from the sun! So how exactly is Tesla able to make this work? Here we will cover the ins and outs of Tesla's home battery that show the future of powering up!

Solar panels work pretty just as you'd think, the sun charges the panels and the panels power whatever you need that's hooked up. With the Tesla Powerwall, it stores energy from key times during the day (midday to be exact) to be used later in the evening when more power is typically consumed. 

As the Powerwall becomes readily available for market consumers,  constant updates are being made to the product. At this point, the entire home battery consists of a solar panel that is installed on your rooftop and the inverter that takes that power and makes your home appliances, and whatever else, run.  The inverter works by 'converting the current electricity from solar panels or a home battery into the alternating current that makes those things run'. 

The fact that a company as big as Tesla is taking on this type of project means great things for the advancement of solar energy. More and more people are switching to a better, reliable, and renewable source of energy that is naturally occurring every day. Tesla continues to outdo themselves on what they can do, and the home battery is only one of many great ideas to come from this future-minded company. 


Energy Efficient Tricks To Save Money on Your Power Bill.

There's not a person alive that hates saving money, so it should be no different when it comes to saving on utility bills every month! Fortunately, there are a few top tricks to help you keep your power bill down and your funds high. Tricks to save money on power bill. Here we discuss the top 3 energy efficient methods to save money on your power bill!

When we were all kids, our parents would always tell us to shut off the light in the room behind us after we left it. Besides simply flicking the light switch, nowadays there are various plug-in items throughout your home that could be draining power even when you're not using it. Things that fall under this category are TVs, video game consoles, computers (even laptops if left plugged in to charge), DVD/Blu-ray players, printers, and anything that requires a charging port/pad that is left on. All those extra fun things that we don't use all the time can take up to 10% of the entire power bill! All that wasted energy and money can be combated with the use of a handy power strip that allows the user to shut off power to all plugged in devices at once. This is much better and safer than going through and manually unplugging from outlets every time a room is empty. Doing this will ensure a visible decrease in your utilities for months to come.

How's the lighting in your home? Is it something you think about often beside just to replace a burnt bulb? Well maybe now is the perfect time to start looking into what you choose to light up your home with. Replacing the old bulbs in your house with Energy Star-branded bulbs will show you a difference right away in your power bill. It's been demonstrated that is saves an estimated $75 a year by making the switch to these less wasteful bulbs.

Besides switching the bulbs and turning everything off, there's one last fundamental way to lower your power bill, and that's merely paying attention to all the doorways, windows, and other openings in your home. If you've seen a recent spike in your power bill due to excess heating or constantly running the a/c, it could be because some of that warmth or cold air is escaping through cracks in your home! This can mess with the heater or air conditioner efficiency levels and leave you with a much higher bill than anticipated. Cracks in the walls are easier to spot, but cracks above a window or door frame might be a bit trickier to see right away. They can all be easily sealed and send your power bill back to a more desirable rate.

There are quite a few other ways to keep your power bill down each month, but these have proven to be some of the most effective in seeing that change immediately. Making a few small adjustments can keep that money where it belongs, in your pocket!

There are many ways an inspection from a licensed and insured electrician can save you money on your power bill. Contact Leinster Electric today! 

Smart Home Upgrades

smart home jerseyTechnology has advanced so far in the means of making life more comfortable, even for the simplest of tasks. Installing smart home upgrades is one of the most significant advancements in this type of healthy living via technology. From checking the status of your refrigerator from the grocery store to having a remote control to almost anything in your house, there seems to be no limit to what smart home upgrades can do. 

Let's start with one of the more simple smart upgrades, which is tossing out your old bulbs for LED ones! Some homeowners take it a step further and have specific LED lighting fixtures installed in their home that they can have remote access to. This means not having to get out of a comfortable bed because you forgot to turn the lights off ever again. You can grab a bedside remote or even your phone and use an app to turn the lights off, all while you stay comfy in bed. This upgrade will also save you money in light bills, an investment that is well worth the upfront cost. 

Security plays a role in smart home upgrades and gives homeowners peace of mind while they're away. Light sensors that go off with movement can also be connected with cameras that have fed straight to your computer or phone. Alarms can also be set on personal devices to notify occupants of anything suspicious going on. There are also cameras explicitly made for doorbells, letting you know who's at your door before you even reach the lock. 

Smart outlets are another upgrade you can control via your phone, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. These are set up to turn on and off household appliances (or whatever else is plugged in) from a remote location. Worst case scenario - you're on a long drive away from home, and you have that sudden panic of 'oh no did I turn the oven/iron/hair iron off?'. You can't turn around now, but you can pull over and get your phone out to turn off those outlets or make sure they're off. This is also where an in-home camera system can help as well, checking the status of inside you're home while away. 

Plugged into the smart outlets are smart appliances. One of the most revolutionary ones to come out over the past couple of years is the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled refrigerators. At first, it sounds a bit silly, why would someone ever need that? But have you ever been in the grocery store only to forget practically everything you need to get? Check the status of your refrigerator shelves while walking the aisles at Publix is ideal in those moments. Another bonus to this is never standing in front of the fridge, letting out the cold air ever again. You can just hit a button on the door and instantly see the insides without ever opening it up until a decision is made. 

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular as they perfectly regulate temperatures in your home and save an average of 23% on your power bill. Just like with practically all the smart home upgrades, this is something you can control from any Wi-Fi enabled device. Dads everywhere can now rejoice from a password protected thermostat that no one but dad can touch. 

These smart home upgrades and those like it genuinely make life easier. Technology is continuously advancing to make things more accessible and enjoyable in day to day life. The homes of the future are happening today!

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Time to Get Rid of Knob & Tube Wiring (K&T Wiring)

Many home upgrades are made for the sake of convenience, functionality or even personal taste. But, there’s one upgrade that serves a much higher purpose: Protecting the safety and well-being of your home and family from the dangers of knob and tube wiring.

Between the 1880s and the 1930s, the most common form of home electrical wiring was Knob and Tube. With the advent of modern advances in electrical technology, there are safer and much more efficient methods for electrical wiring. Additionally, there are many benefits to upgrading or phasing out and replacing the knob and tube wiring in every home.

The most common issue with Knob and Tube is that the insulation material that constructs the outer casing consists of rubber, which (over time) breaks down and degrades. What this means for homes with Knob and Tube wiring is that eventually, it becomes dangerous as moisture and air reaches bare, live wires. Modern wiring systems, use durable plastic insulation materials - providing lasting protection.

While the complete conversion from Knob and Tube wiring to standard modern wiring is an investment, the benefits are well worth the costs. Ask your electrician how to gradually phase out your knob and tube wiring over time for cost-effectiveness. The safety this vital replacement provides far outweighs the tragedy and cost associated with a home fire or electrocution. It will also most likely make you eligible for a significant reduction in your home insurance premium.