Bathroom lighting ideas for the midnight hour.

Oh, those pesky middle of the night bathroom trips. We have all made them. The ones where we do not want to turn on the overhead light and wake anyone up. The bright electricians at Leinster Electric have some ideas to light up your bathroom without disturbing the entire house.

Colored Lighting for the Commode

A softly lit hinged toilet seat gives a flexible alternative to a glaring overhead light. The Nightlight seat has a hinge that lights up, illuminating the bathroom perfectly to allow you to see exactly where you need to be without waking you up completely with harsh lighting. It is so perfect for children or adults who need routine late-night bathroom trips, and it is very easy on the eyes.

Rope Lighting Under the Bathroom Cabinets

Another way to avoid harsh lighting that seems to “kill” your eyes in the middle of the night, is subtle rope lighting underneath the bathroom cabinets. Rope lighting gives you just the right amount of light to illuminate the perfect path to the bathroom with assaulting your sleepy eyes, letting you fall gently back to sleep quickly after your bathroom trip. White rope lighting is perfect to light your way, or choose from a wide variety of colors to make the effect even more “dream-like."

Nightlight Outlet

Super easy to install without wiring or batteries, night light outlets give you just the right amount of light for washing your hands or navigating in and out of the bathroom at night without waking up the whole house. These handy gadgets include an automatic sensor that turns on at night and off in the daylight. In a year’s time, they use only about a nickel’s worth of electricity and the LED light bulbs in them last up to 25 years.

For more information on these and other handy electrical tips, contact the pro’s at Leinster Electric today.