Do ceiling fans keep me cool and lower my electric bill?

While retail sales of the latest in air conditioner technologies continue to grow, many homeowners are still underestimating the value of ceiling fans even though when used correctly, they can lower the temperature of a room up to five degrees.

Here are some other fantastic benefits to the purchase and professional installation of a ceiling fan in all the rooms of your home:

  1. Ceiling fans work together with your air conditioner, helping it to run more efficiently and significantly reduce your energy bill.
  2. Ceiling fans can be installed both indoors and outdoors - in a porch or other covered area, helping to keep pesky flies and insects away while you enjoy the shade on a beautiful afternoon.
  3. Ceiling fans have been improved in recent years to become more efficient and contain up to date technology in the fan’s motors, blade design, and control. They’re also lighter than they were in years past, giving them the element of a decorative feature within a room rather than an eyesore. 

Hunter Pacific has developed an innovation in ceiling fans with their latest version of the Typhoon model, which includes molded plastic blades instead of the traditional steel or metal variety. This promotes large amounts of airflow with minimal noise.