Energy Efficient Tricks To Save Money on Your Power Bill.

There's not a person alive that hates saving money, so it should be no different when it comes to saving on utility bills every month! Fortunately, there are a few top tricks to help you keep your power bill down and your funds high. Tricks to save money on power bill. Here we discuss the top 3 energy efficient methods to save money on your power bill!

When we were all kids, our parents would always tell us to shut off the light in the room behind us after we left it. Besides simply flicking the light switch, nowadays there are various plug-in items throughout your home that could be draining power even when you're not using it. Things that fall under this category are TVs, video game consoles, computers (even laptops if left plugged in to charge), DVD/Blu-ray players, printers, and anything that requires a charging port/pad that is left on. All those extra fun things that we don't use all the time can take up to 10% of the entire power bill! All that wasted energy and money can be combated with the use of a handy power strip that allows the user to shut off power to all plugged in devices at once. This is much better and safer than going through and manually unplugging from outlets every time a room is empty. Doing this will ensure a visible decrease in your utilities for months to come.

How's the lighting in your home? Is it something you think about often beside just to replace a burnt bulb? Well maybe now is the perfect time to start looking into what you choose to light up your home with. Replacing the old bulbs in your house with Energy Star-branded bulbs will show you a difference right away in your power bill. It's been demonstrated that is saves an estimated $75 a year by making the switch to these less wasteful bulbs.

Besides switching the bulbs and turning everything off, there's one last fundamental way to lower your power bill, and that's merely paying attention to all the doorways, windows, and other openings in your home. If you've seen a recent spike in your power bill due to excess heating or constantly running the a/c, it could be because some of that warmth or cold air is escaping through cracks in your home! This can mess with the heater or air conditioner efficiency levels and leave you with a much higher bill than anticipated. Cracks in the walls are easier to spot, but cracks above a window or door frame might be a bit trickier to see right away. They can all be easily sealed and send your power bill back to a more desirable rate.

There are quite a few other ways to keep your power bill down each month, but these have proven to be some of the most effective in seeing that change immediately. Making a few small adjustments can keep that money where it belongs, in your pocket!

There are many ways an inspection from a licensed and insured electrician can save you money on your power bill. Contact Leinster Electric today!