Fuse Box Upgrade

Unless you’re already an electrician, thinking about changing the fuse box is not often on people’s minds. That is until the power goes out and you’ve got to go hunting for a new fuse to switch it out with. If that sounds familiar to you, it may be overdue to change out your fuse box. In fact, it may be time to get rid of the fuse box altogether.

Circuit breakers are taking the place of old fuse boxes and for a very good reason. They have adapted to the change in the amount of power newer appliances, and household items can suck up. A fuse box can’t compete with most of the surge-worthy items used in an everyday setting. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a big dinner, turning on your mixer, and suddenly you’re in the dark! Or worse, a fuse can overload itself and spark and cause a very dangerous fire that isn’t easily contained.

Besides eliminating the risk of electrical fire or being left without power, upgrading your old fuse panel allows for the possibility of homeowner’s insurance. Nowadays a home with an outdated fuse panel could easily be denied coverage because it’s a known danger and should be taken care of accordingly, otherwise, risk a fire and no coverage to help sustain your home after all is said and demolished. 

That’s a definite no-no.

Upgrading also allows you never to have to fuss over fuses ever again. Circuit breakers eliminate the need for fuses and installing fuses. Unfortunately, in some cases, the wrong size fuse in an old panel could also cause a fire, due to it not fitting correctly while in use.

The whole process seems like it could cost a pretty penny, but it is surprisingly affordable. It’s best to have a licensed professional, such as Leinster Electric, evaluate your electrical panels and determine if it’s time to upgrade your fuse box. You will be given an estimation, and you can decide from there what’s best for you and your family’s home. It’s a wonderful feeling having the piece of mind that running the microwave and a/c at the same time won’t end up in another blackout.