LED tape is the new lighting trend you will love!

For a contemporary lighting solution for absolutely any area you can imagine, LED tape lighting is perfect for an instant home makeover. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Shelf Accent Lighting - A great accent lighting option, LED strips or tape will elevate the look of any open shelving display, as you can see looking at this contemporary living zone. Here, LED lights illuminate each of the cubby holes in the recessed display unit and help transform the two storage nooks into attention-grabbing architectural features.
  • Under Counter or Bar Lighting - White-light LED tape placed under the counter and cabinet in this kitchen creates a glowing silhouette. When considering tape for kitchen and bathroom applications, it's a good idea to go with coated tape. It is more durable where chips are exposed to heat, moisture and food spills. Non-coated tape works best in areas such as inside cabinets where the chips aren’t exposed to damaging elements.
  • Above or Beneath Cabinet Lighting - Above the cabinets, an LED tape described as "normal bright" casts a white glow, while warmer white tape shines under the cabinets.
  • Bathroom Mirror Lighting - Transform your boring bathroom into a room that makes you feel like staying a while for a good long soak in a hot bath with blue LED tape lighting placed behind the mirror. Even a basic plate mirror with a few strips of LED lighting in a calming color brings an instant transformation.