Meter Reader Scam

We’d all like to think the best of everyone, but unfortunately, you can't trust everybody. This is especially true when it comes to utility meter readers knocking on your door. Sure, we’ve all heard the stories, but this is still a common occurrence! It’s a sad and sorry truth. In cities from Morris Plains to Parsippany, there has been an increasing number of scams and robberies from fake meter readers. If your water meter is indoors, this puts you in an even more vulnerable position. You should always feel safe and secure in your home.

In some areas, people like to claim they are working for the local utility company or city utilities, so that they can gain access to your home. Once in your home, you’re at risk of robbery then and there, or the criminal casing your home and figuring out where your valuables are, in order to bring their accomplices later.

Here we have a few tips to keep you from getting scammed.

  • Check for identification: Any person attempting to access your home should have a photo identification and company ID to provide you. If you’re in doubt, call your utility company to verify the ID given is not false.
  • Look at the vehicle: It should be easy to identify the utility company vehicle, and they’re employee. The vehicle should always display an official logo and the employee should be wearing an official uniform.
  • Know where your meters are: Most utility meters are actually located outside of the home, so the person coming to read it doesn’t need to enter. If your meter is outside but someone claiming to be a meter reader insists on coming in, lock the door and call the police.
  • Don’t provide personal information: Some criminals are looking to steal your identity, not your belongings. Never give out personal information to people claiming they work for the utility company.

Make sure the rest of your family understands not to open the door to anybody. Children and elderly relatives should be advised to never unlock the door to a stranger, no matter how convincing they are.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your family and your belongings safety and well-being.

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