Now is the time to get your home wired for the holidays

There's a famous saying: The best-laid plans often go awry. Never is that truer than when it comes to holidays. Wait times, cancellations, long lines, sellouts, closings and other unpredictable (yet predictable) inconveniences happen. Outsmart it by staying two steps ahead and getting your home wired now for the holidays.

Here’s a scary fact: There are over 32 million electrical fires during the holidays. Wiring has a lifespan of about 20 years. That may sound long, but it has to be replaced sooner than later. It may be time to update yours.

Now is the perfect time to avoid conflicts with an overloaded system or surges and keep your home safe by installing the proper wiring. It can save you big bucks down the road and preserve your TV and devices as well.  Electrical rewiring is the process where old, hazardous or non-compliant electrical equipment such as cables, distribution boards, fittings, are replaced for better performance. There are several ways available through which you can make improvements to your home, and one of such is to have your home completely rewired. Whether your home is new or an old house, rewiring will provide a massive improvement both in function and safety.

An integrated home network consolidates all your wiring. Instead of many separate wires (for power, telephone, cable or satellite TV, computer, and so on) all daisy-chained through your walls, a network puts everything you need in a single, central hub. The wire then runs directly from this hub to each room, where modular outlets provide access to services.

The benefits of completely having your house rewired cannot be overlooked. Although different methods of rewiring have their unique benefits, you should decide which method to use based on what your home specifically requires.

Regardless of any method, you used in rewiring your house; you can feel re-assured that the wiring in your home is new, clean and safe and will also meet your demands on it. Also, if you decide to sell your home, a recent rewire will help boost its price by adding value to it; there won’t be any nasty surprises when a survey, including a review of the electrical installation in your home, is conducted.

If you're looking for some Autumn Electrical Safety Tips, please check out this blog at our friends at John's Electric Service. They may be down south, but all of this info applies!

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