Plugless car charging

Electric car charging just got a whole lot easier and is as simple as positioning your vehicle above a plugless charging pad!

plugless car charging

This technology was previously only thought of as a concept before being integrated into plugless car charging stations. But, Plugless charging is now available fober installation in your very own garage. It requires virtually no effort on your part. It begins by giving your electrician a call.

With a plugless car charger, your vehicle will operate  as it always has. It delivers no interference or effect on your vehicle's native systems, software or apps. You won’t have to exchange it for your existing charging system. It allows you to continue to charge at plugging stations. Your car will charge just as quickly as it does with an L2 system – only charging becomes wireless.

When you visit an authorized plugless installer, your plugless adapter is installed in your vehicle at no charge to you. The electrical installation requirements for your home can be met simply by calling your electrician.

Your electrician must perform the hardwire installation of the Plugless system in your garage. Your Plugless system comes with the necessary hardwiring equipment to allow your electrician ease of access for a quick and seamless installation.

When you contact the expert electricians at Leinster Electric, we will examine your existing electrical system and discuss where you plan to install your Plugless system. We will perform all required electrical work needed. We will then prep and mount the control panel to your wall, connect the control panel to your home’s wiring, position the parking pad exactly where you need it in your parking area and configure the Plugless system to recognize your vehicle.

To take your electrical vehicle convenience to the next level, contact the professionals at Leinster Electric today.

By Tennille Shelley