Tesla Home Battery - The Powerwall

tesla powerwallLately, when there's the talk of advancements in everyday comfort technology, Tesla has become a household name. While being known mostly for its version of smart cars for the future, the company is expanding to various outlets to make every day living even more straightforward. The source of power for a lot of household things comes from a collection of batteries and Tesla's advancements didn't skip this chance to excel. 

Tesla's home battery named the Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable on solar energy and is the only battery that stores that solar power for use at in the evenings where there is no power source from the sun! So how exactly is Tesla able to make this work? Here we will cover the ins and outs of Tesla's home battery that show the future of powering up!

Solar panels work pretty just as you'd think, the sun charges the panels and the panels power whatever you need that's hooked up. With the Tesla Powerwall, it stores energy from key times during the day (midday to be exact) to be used later in the evening when more power is typically consumed. 

As the Powerwall becomes readily available for market consumers,  constant updates are being made to the product. At this point, the entire home battery consists of a solar panel that is installed on your rooftop and the inverter that takes that power and makes your home appliances, and whatever else, run.  The inverter works by 'converting the current electricity from solar panels or a home battery into the alternating current that makes those things run'. 

The fact that a company as big as Tesla is taking on this type of project means great things for the advancement of solar energy. More and more people are switching to a better, reliable, and renewable source of energy that is naturally occurring every day. Tesla continues to outdo themselves on what they can do, and the home battery is only one of many great ideas to come from this future-minded company.