AFCI Breakers & Outlets

afci breakers and outletsIs your home safe?

And not in the sense of if you have good locks on your doors or if your home is structurally sound. What we mean is…is all the wiring, fixtures devices and other components that make up your electrical system safe? It’s no secret, failures in a home’s electrical system is the leading cause of house fires, so it’s critical that the electric system is doing it’s job safely.

For most people the electrical system is out of sight and out of mind. In fact 90% of your electrical system you can’t even see because it's buried in walls, in the attic or underneath your home.

If your home was built over 10 years ago there is a good chance that your home's electrical wiring is not as safe as it should be. Do you know why? Most homes that are older than 10 years in northern New Jersey do not have what's called Alt Fault Circuit Interrupter breakers and outlets, or more commonly known as AFCIs.

The AFCI breaker is the only breaker in existence that can prevent surges and arcs that can lead to a fire. A few years ago homes were only required to have this special type of breaker installed for bedrooms, but now the NEC has found that is so important that almost every breaker in your house should be an AFCI. And you can add yet another layer of protection from possible electrical fire danger by upgrading and installing new AFCI outlets throughout your home.

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