Computer & Data Circuits

computer and data circuitsData and networking is an essential part of the business and home world today. The internet is not getting smaller in fact it is getting bigger every single day and one day everyone is bound to have some type of computer in their home. In order for your network to be stable and reliable you need to hire only the people who can do it properly. Leinster Electric stays up-to-date with all the current technology and regulations. In fact, you could say that we were experts in the matter. We will make sure to use only the highest quality parts and provide you with a lasting installation.

Data and Telephone Wiring
When your data or telephone line is unprotected it puts all your information at risk. At Leinster Electric we understand how important your privacy is to you. We offer complete data wiring and installation service. We can assist you with data networking cable installation using Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6, audio and video cabling and wiring, security camera installation, plus more.

Data and Telephone Networking
When Leinster Electric designs and configures your network we design it with only your businesses needs in mind. We accommodate our data networking solutions for growth and expansion potentials. Data networking solutions allows businesses to maximize everything the internet has to offer. Telephone Networking allows businesses to talk freely among all the departments of their company improving productivity and profit!

Structured Networking and Wiring Solutions
Structured networking integrates your data, telephone, audio-visual and other equipment into a combined network.

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