Electrical Service Upgrades

electrical service upgradesDo you ever face electrical problems in your home? Do your lights flicker on and off? Do your breakers constantly trip? If so, then most likely you are in need of an electrical service upgrade. There is only one type of electrical contractor you should hire when starting this project and we will give you a hint, it is not a handyman. By reading the next few paragraphs you can learn how to save thousands of dollars on your upgrade.

Never Pay Twice and Never Worry About Losing Your Power!

When it comes to electrical problems involving your service upgrade there is only one person cut out for the job and that is a licensed electrical contractor. Do not be fooled by the internet, handyman or even the do-it-yourself guy just because they can do the job for less. They may show up to do the work and finish doing the work but guess what risk you are taking in the end? Your power may not be turned back on. Why? Because, only a licensed electrical contractor can do the job. All jobs involving your local power company and local building department must be accompanied by a permit and be inspected by and signed off by a licensed inspector and only then will the power company turn back on your power.

Electrical Emergencies? You can count on us!

Leinster Electric is a state-licensed electrical contractor in the state of New Jersey. We will provide all of our customers with quality installations, emergency service and fast repairs. We will stop by and leave you with the peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe.

Electrical Service Upgrades! Do I need one?

What is an electrical service? This is where your home gets it’s power from the utility department. Every single home and business has them. Depending on a couple of different factors such as where you are located, the age of your home and what the electrician installed, will depend on what type of service you have.

Your home or business will have a meter which tells the utility department how much electricity you use every single month, some means of disconnect and service entry wiring. If there is no way to disconnect you could run into some major issues later on. The disconnect is a way to shut off all electricity to your home or business in the event of an emergency or if there is ever an electrical problem. Also, your panels and service must be correctly grounded and bonded to make sure if a fault was to ever occur that it will go straight into the earth. Proper grounding and bonding saves lives.

What size service do I have on my house?

How is an electrical service determined? By how many amps the over-current protection and wiring are rated for. Other names commonly used for over-current protection is “main fused” or “main breaker”, these devices protect the electrical components that make up your home. Where do I find out how many amps my meter and panels are rated for? You should be able to view this on the panels themselves, but if your panels are old, then you may not be able to read them. When this is the case you will need to call a licensed electrical contractor. Once he arrives he will be able to open the electrical service and panels to determine what size service you have. This is good because many times we have seen incorrect wiring methods with the associated means of disconnect. This is an extreme fire hazard.

What size service is required on my house?

The NEC or National Electric Code requires a minimum of a 100 amp electrical service but it should be noted that most insurance companies require a 150 or 200 amp service in order to get insured.

If you have been notified by city, utility department or your insurance agency, that you need a new electrical service, you may wonder what you should do.

If you have just received a notification, or you know that it is time to get an upgrade give Leinster Electric a call. We will be happy to examine your electrical service and give you the exact price all the way down to the penny on how much your new electrical service will cost you. We will also supply you with several options to choose from.

Leinster Electric will also be responsible for getting all paperwork and obtaining all permits that are needed to get the job done, the right way. We will coordinate with your utility company to get your power back on in no time flat. Plus you will even have the option for us to install a temporary generator on site, so you can still have some power on in your home.

We take the stress away!

When it comes to upgrading your service and panels it can be a complex and stressful process. If you call Leinster Electric, we guarantee that upgrading your new service will be done in no time flat and we will even take care of everything. We offer unparalleled guarantees on your main electric service!

Please contact Leinster Electric at 973-349-4184 or use our online form to a request an appointment to see how our expert residential electricians can help you with electrical service upgrades!

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