GFCI Breakers & Outlets

Throughout your home, you will often notice plugs in your wall with two buttons on them, a “reset” and “test” buttons. These are called GFCI (or Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor) receptacles, and they prevent you from electrical shock. In newer homes, they are required in kitchens and bathrooms, but should be installed in older homes as well, especially anywhere near a sink or water.

The idea behind a GFCI is that the sensor will detect when the current of electricity is not correct or if there is a problem and trip itself to prevent electric shock. These are a great safety feature and an important update to any home.

GFCIs can be a little tricky to install, so it is always recommended that a n electrician do it for you. The wiring is generally more difficult than a standard outlet, and a professional electrician will be able to test that the GFCI is properly working. It also ensures your personal safety throughout installation.

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