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LED Lighting

led lightingOne of the most efficient ways to light your home is through utilizing LED lighting. Not only is it a fantastic way to go green and save money on your power bill, but LED lights also have a longer life than standard light bulbs, while using less electricity overall! Instead of using filament bulbs, light emitting diodes (LED’s) use semi conductors. These semi conductors use less electricity, while retaining the brightness of a fluorescent bulb. LED lights actually provide better color quality, while emitting less heat.

A licensed electrician can install LED lighting quickly and efficiently. LED lights can be used for virtually anything, from recessed lighting, to outdoor and security lighting. If you don’t have under cabinet lights, a licensed electrician can install these in your home. In fact, your entire home can be transformed with just a few simple lighting upgrades. Leinster Electric can update your home with new lighting, saving you hundreds on your power bill every year, so contact us today!

If you’ve purchased a home that you are ready to show to the world and you would like to meet with an LED lighting designer personally to discover the night time beauty just outside your door, give us a call Leinster Electric at 973-349-4184 or use our online form to a request a service appointment.

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