Easy, Yet Awesome Electrical Upgrades for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. Whether it’s small or large, it’s the hub. With dining rooms becoming obsolete, the kitchen is the most used room in a house. Meals are created, homework done and guests gather there. Today, kitchens are more than just where the oven is located. They’re family living spaces.  A house’s value depends greatly upon its kitchen.

If yours could use some updating, here are some simple and cool options for your electronics and peace of mind.

Hate Cords? Check out the Invisible Outlet. It’s recessed into a wall a half-to-an inch deep so all your appliances fit flush against the wall and their cords can be tucked into the inset.

See Everything! Add LED under cabinet lighting. It’s gorgeous, highlights back splash and you can see what you’re cooking! It’s also very low cost to leave on at night.

Ban Clutter. Get a pop up outlet. This boasts several outlets and simply pops up when you need to plug in the toaster, coffee maker or your laptop. Then it disappears when you’re done. It’s best installed where there is a cabinet underneath.

Update Your Lighting. This is fairly simple and makes a huge difference. Changing fixtures, color and even the location of your lighting can really update the space. Just because there’s a light fixture in a certain area already doesn’t mean that’s where the table must go. You can move that without much effort if you wish.

USB Combo Outlets. We live in a plugged in world. There are outlets that let us recharge everything at once with a combination plug/USB outlet. Swap out your current outlets for a combo.

Upgrade Switches. Yes, there’s such a thing as designer switches and light plates. If you have backsplash, you may want to upgrade your switches to work with your design. Touch sensor switches are another modern option.

Think Safety. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) are required by code where ever there is water present, such as bathrooms and kitchens. It shuts off if it detects an unintended path, such as liquid or a person.

These are some simple and fantastic upgrades you can do to make your kitchen more enjoyable to spend time in! Sound like a plan? Call Leinster Electric today at 973-349-4184 and let us bring some new life to your kitchen.