How Electric Cars Are Changing The World

As time goes on, it is increasingly important to preserve our natural resources and keep our planet healthy and continuing to grow. To attain this outcome, it takes a lot of work from a lot of different parts. One part, in particular, has a very big impact in the ultimate condition of where we all live, and that’s everyday auto emissions. Owning an electric car is a big step toward changing the world and here’s why:

  • It drastically reduces your carbon footprint. Now, for one person that doesn’t do much for our planet as a whole but imagine the neighbors now have electric cars, then the taxis, next to public transit buses, and so on! Electric cars produce 0% emissions, which would be ideal for high traffic areas to switch to.
  • No gas motor means no expensive repairs! Oil changes won’t exist anymore, in fact, no fluids will exist in cars anymore period. No leaks, no cracks, no rusting. This also benefits our need for petroleum, drastically cutting it if not eliminating itcompletely.
  • Electric cars are being used more in fleets. The UK government added 140 electric cars to its ministerial range back in 2015 (Wang). And here in America, a company called Zero Motorcycles in Scott Valley, California offers a line of electric motorcycle fleets for police, military, and security (McCall).
  • Police work just got a whole lot stealthier with the use of electric vehicles. It provides the L.E.O. With an advantage of a quiet motor, rather than a loud rev of a Crown Vic or Impala that’s classically used for most police vehicles. With this new quiet motor, it makes certain missions a bit easier for work to get done. This benefits everyone else though, too! Ask anyone who’s ever lived next to a busy highway; noise pollution can be just as frustrating as air pollution. Electric vehicles would leave busy highways peaceful for once.

In a nutshell, electric cars are already changing the world in little leaps and bounds and continue to grow. The energy waste of an electric car is much, much smaller than the gas guzzlers we own today (20% vs. 85%...yikes). The choices in electric cars are also expanding greatly, various models, sizes, colors, battery life; you don’t even have to drive some of them yourself! The choice to get an electric car is a choice to help continue to change the world for the better.