LED Christmas Lights

As soon as Thanksgiving dinner goes down, Christmas lights go up. For many families, it’s become a tradition in their homes, whether it be putting them up or just enjoying them around the neighborhood. As technology advances, it doesn’t skip the holiday décor. LEDs have made their way into Christmas decorating, and it is here to stay. It may be time to upgrade your holiday cheer this year and go full LED for a dazzling light effect!

Whether you plan to go full on Griswold’s or do a little more low-key lighting this holiday season, LED is the way to go. The benefits are staggering and blow old, traditional bulbs out of the water. One of the best benefits of using LED is how eco-friendly it is. Less energy means a better environment, as well all know. So it should be a no-brainer when LED Christmas lights consume only 5 watts of power vs. a whopping 20 watts of power for a traditional strand of lights.

Another big advantage is the shelf life of LED Christmas lights. Mechanically speaking, they were built to last. Unlike traditional Christmas lighting, there is no element inside the lights, causing heat and shorting out. This makes LED sets last ten times longer than any traditional strand lights. It also keeps the home safe, seeing as faulty wiring (i.e., old, traditional Christmas lights) can cause a potential fire inside and outside the home. LED Christmas lights eliminate that risk.

So you’ve got all these advantages and of LED Christmas lights, but what about the main course? How much do LEDs typically cost? Well, a strand of LED Christmas lights is typically a little over double that of a traditional strand of Christmas lights. In mass quantities, this can add up sure, but seeing the amount saved on the power bill during those brightly lit nights easily makes up for the one time cost of the lights themselves.  Not to mention how long they last, so replacements aren’t going to be needed for at least a decade.

Full of LED Christmas lighting is the smart way to brighten up your home for the holidays. Year after year your family can enjoy the festive lights beaming brightly throughout the season with no worries of bulb burnouts, frayed wires, or unwanted Christmas fires.

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