Recessed Lighting. Yes you can have it. Yes it's awesome.

Often, when customers consider options for adding recessed lighting to the interior of their home, they feel like they are limited only to areas that are readily accessible at first glance. The truth is though, that recessed lighting can be added anywhere you would like it to be, even if at first glance the placement seems impossible.

Recessed lighting is all about style and function. You want to choose recessed lighting options that illuminate your living space in such a way, that you feel completely comfortable with and attracted to the room. Lighting should encourage you to relax, linger and thoroughly enjoy an inviting environment.

Recessed lighting can come in a variety of styles including eclectic, contemporary, modern or traditional and can be placed in unique areas in any room of your home. Common recessed lighting locations are ceilings, mantles, and under cabinets. But for a unique approach to lighting, we can provide you with ideas for lighting you may have never thought of.

Have you ever considered recessed lighting along the baseboards of a room for an ambient glow from the bottom up? Awesome. Another great idea is lighting beneath your bed for a warm relaxing glow in the bedroom. Truly Awesome. Recessed lighting can also be added in the bathroom (who’d a thunk?)- underneath a vanity counter, around the shower or bathtub area or in the ceiling above the shower. Recessed lighting also works great in display shelving units, transforming the cubby holes and storage nooks into architectural displays! Again? Awesome.

Your recessed lighting can go wherever your imagination takes you, and along with the help with Leinster Electric, your [awesome] recessed lighting transformation can start today.