Smart Home Upgrades

smart home jerseyTechnology has advanced so far in the means of making life more comfortable, even for the simplest of tasks. Installing smart home upgrades is one of the most significant advancements in this type of healthy living via technology. From checking the status of your refrigerator from the grocery store to having a remote control to almost anything in your house, there seems to be no limit to what smart home upgrades can do. 

Let's start with one of the more simple smart upgrades, which is tossing out your old bulbs for LED ones! Some homeowners take it a step further and have specific LED lighting fixtures installed in their home that they can have remote access to. This means not having to get out of a comfortable bed because you forgot to turn the lights off ever again. You can grab a bedside remote or even your phone and use an app to turn the lights off, all while you stay comfy in bed. This upgrade will also save you money in light bills, an investment that is well worth the upfront cost. 

Security plays a role in smart home upgrades and gives homeowners peace of mind while they're away. Light sensors that go off with movement can also be connected with cameras that have fed straight to your computer or phone. Alarms can also be set on personal devices to notify occupants of anything suspicious going on. There are also cameras explicitly made for doorbells, letting you know who's at your door before you even reach the lock. 

Smart outlets are another upgrade you can control via your phone, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. These are set up to turn on and off household appliances (or whatever else is plugged in) from a remote location. Worst case scenario - you're on a long drive away from home, and you have that sudden panic of 'oh no did I turn the oven/iron/hair iron off?'. You can't turn around now, but you can pull over and get your phone out to turn off those outlets or make sure they're off. This is also where an in-home camera system can help as well, checking the status of inside you're home while away. 

Plugged into the smart outlets are smart appliances. One of the most revolutionary ones to come out over the past couple of years is the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled refrigerators. At first, it sounds a bit silly, why would someone ever need that? But have you ever been in the grocery store only to forget practically everything you need to get? Check the status of your refrigerator shelves while walking the aisles at Publix is ideal in those moments. Another bonus to this is never standing in front of the fridge, letting out the cold air ever again. You can just hit a button on the door and instantly see the insides without ever opening it up until a decision is made. 

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular as they perfectly regulate temperatures in your home and save an average of 23% on your power bill. Just like with practically all the smart home upgrades, this is something you can control from any Wi-Fi enabled device. Dads everywhere can now rejoice from a password protected thermostat that no one but dad can touch. 

These smart home upgrades and those like it genuinely make life easier. Technology is continuously advancing to make things more accessible and enjoyable in day to day life. The homes of the future are happening today!

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