Why Call An Electrician When I Can Do It Myself?

It seems like such a simple project, you’re only making a couple small changes, you’ve wired an electrical outlet before and how much harder can another seemingly simple project be? You’ve done as much research online as you can do, watched enough YouTube videos to make yourself feel like a pro, and you might think you’re ready to go ahead and get started.

But, no matter what you’ve convinced yourself of, it is vital for you to remember that there are certain things in your home that should be left in the hands of a professional and electrical wiring is always one of them. Every time you take the risk (even if you’ve taken it before) of attempting a DIY electrical project, you are putting your life and the lives of your family and safety of your home in danger.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, electricity is the cause of more than 140,000 fires every year, resulting in 400 deaths, 4,000 injuries and $1.6 billion in property damage.*

If you’re eager to upgrade any of the electrical amenities in your home to things like iPod adapters, USB ports, digital stereo systems and car charging stations, old electrical wiring in your home or overlamping can spell disaster without the help of an electrician. If your home’s electrical wiring isn’t prepared to handle the new gadgets, you could blow a circuit, blow a fuse or damage your wiring further.

Overlamping is caused by a fixture that pulls more electricity and wattage than the outlet can handle and can cause the sockets or insulation to melt on to the wire itself. Frayed wiring can be anywhere and by the time it’s discovered an electrical arc can occur causing an extremely dangerous fire hazard or even death by electrocution.

What starts off as a seemingly harmless DIY electrical project can quickly cause more damage to your home leading to costly repairs, physical harm and loss of life.

So why take the risk? A quick call to Leinster Electric can save you from much bigger problems down the road. No call is too small, give us a call today before considering your next DIY.